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In today’s post, we are addressing the weed grinder, its benefits, uses, and why we believe it to be an important part of weed culture. Keep reading for more on Grinding. 

Weed Grinder Basics

Though the basic purpose and function of all weed grinders are the same, grinding up buds, there is a wide assortment of types to choose from. Weed grinders vary in their price, quality, operation, materials, appearance and features.

Keeping It Simple and Cheap

The simplest and cheapest grinders are cheap metal or hard plastic. Consisting of two pieces with teeth, these trusty little gadgets do the job and do it well. You can get a high-quality basic plastic grinder for about five bucks.

Some of these two-piece hand grinders have a bottom chamber to collect the ground up bud and others don’t. A great advantage of small hand grinders is mobility. You can conveniently keep these grinders in your pocket, glove department, or handbag.

Going Fancy with It

If your budget allows, grinders can be found in higher quality, better functionality, and wow-inspiring options.

The first “step-up” so to speak would be the hand-cranked grinder. Hand cracked grinders are generally easier to turn and are ideal for grinding large quantities of bud in one sitting. Most hand-churned grinders consist of three or four chambers.

A multiple-chambered grinder adds storage capacity. In the case of the four-chamber design, you have a place for crystals to collect. This screened chamber is often lovingly referred to as the sandbox. More on this later.

If you want the ultimate in easy-to-use grinders, go with an electric grinder. plug it in, load it up, and push a button, it’s as easy as that. But be prepared to spend a bit more money for the luxury as electric herb grinders are a bit more than other options.

Why Grind?

The simple answer – cannabis smokes in a pipe/joint or dry herb vaporizer much better when you grind the buds first. If you have been smoking for a while you know that smoking weed can be done with a cigarette paper, tin can, or even an apple. Regardless of the device used breaking up the bud first is always best.

Smoother Smoke

The cannabis flower is often compact and contains various parts that are denser than others. Because of this inconsistency, smoking buds whole or partly broken often results in an airy hit. The more air your sucking, the less smoke, and often results in coughing and hacking.

Better Taste

Use a grinder to boost flavor. With less air mixed into the smoke, an even burn gives you the best flavor. With ever-advancing cannabis growing and lab techniques, the taste of weed is becoming more of a consideration among smokers.

Crystals in the SandBox

The white often resign like sticky crystals you find on high-quality cannabis buds are extremely potent. Collecting these little treasures for a later treat is easy with a grinder designed to screen and catch them.

These THC crystals are often referred to as kief, pollen, or finger hash. This brings up another reason why we use a grinder – we won’t lose these precious crystals to your fingers when you break your buds up by hand.

Grind Time: Tips and Tricks

It is recommended that you pick the buds off any large stems and toss them aside. If you are grinding top-grade cannabis, don’t worry about removing smaller stems as they will grind up nicely and smoke just as well as the buds.

Don’t get carried away with packing the grinder to capacity. Leaving a little room for the grinder to work will make grinding easier on the hands and the grinder. Leave a nice-sized empty space in the middle of the grinder’s teeth so the ground weed has somewhere to go.

If you have a kief chamber, we highly recommend putting a dime above the screen in the third chamber. After each time you grind, shake the grinder to scrape the dime across the screen to help separate the crystals.

Hacking It Up Without a Grinder

Don’t have a cannabis grinder yet? Not to worry, here are a few ways to get you by until you do.

Are you a coffee lover? If you have a coffee bean grinder, it can be used in much the same way. Remember to clean it well unless smoking coffee along with your weed is acceptable to you (not recommended).

A sharp pair of small scissors will work in a pinch. So would a chopping board and pizza cutter or knife. technically a cheese grater works as well but watch your fingers!

Weed Grinder: Check

The traditions of smoking cannabis are becoming a bigger part of acceptable society. Regular cannabis smokers take pride in their stashes and how the plant is smoked. A weed grinder is certainly the way to go if you want the best smoking experience for yourself and your guests.

Ready to step up your smoking hobby? Shop or selection of dry herb grinders today!

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