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Ashtray & Rolling Trays

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Are you a daily roller? If yes, then you might need a rolling tray for your everyday smoking sessions while maintaining a tidy environment. At Mixology Dry Herb, you’ll find stylish ashtray & rolling trays to keep your space clean and organised. Our ashtrays are made from durable materials that not only withstand the heat but also complement any décor, making them perfect for any indoor setup.

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Catch the Ash Bundle Pack – Metal Ashtray Included

This ash bundle is a compact set of tools that provide a smooth, spacious surface for you to expertly roll your cigarettes or joints with ease, keeping all your rolling accessories organised and accessible. It includes an authentic metal ashtray, a metal pipe with a poker, a grinder to get your texture right, hemp wick to keep you burning, and a tubular storage container for your leftovers.

Silicone Standard Ashtray

Silicone remains a popular choice for smokers due to its ease of maintenance. Made from high-quality silicone, our ashtray offers exceptional durability and resistance to heat. Unlike traditional glass or metal ashtrays, silicone does not shatter, rust, or deform, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Its flexible nature allows for easy cleaning—simply bending or flexing the tray can dislodge ash and debris. Furthermore, silicone ashtrays not only serve a functional purpose but also add a touch of style to a smoker’s accessories.

At Mixology Dry Herb, we have Silicone ashtrays in a range of colours to suit your interior decor. We also have Storz & Bickel vape devices and smoking pipes for those who are not a fan of combustion.

Why an Ashtray Is a Must-Have in Your Smoking Kit

An ashtray is an essential tool for any smoker who values cleanliness and convenience, regardless of their smoking habits. Whether you stub out your cigarettes after just a few puffs or smoke them down to the filter, you should maintain a clean environment with Ashtrays.

Stylish ashtrays can complement the decor of a smoking area, making it look more organised and aesthetically pleasing. This can be particularly beneficial in social settings or hospitality businesses.

Moreover, when you’re out and about, finding an ashtray can be challenging, and what people mostly do is ashing on the ground. In fact, cigarette butts are one of the most common types of litter found outdoors that potentially release harmful chemicals into the environment. If you keep the ashtray in your car or use it in any public area where smoking is permitted. This allows you to responsibly dispose of cigarette butts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rolling tray used for?
A rolling tray is designed to provide a clean, flat surface for rolling cigarettes or joints. It helps keep all rolling accessories organised and ensures that loose herbs or tobacco are contained in one area, making the rolling process more efficient and tidy.

Can I use a rolling tray for other accessories like vaping or cigars?
Absolutely. Rolling trays are versatile and can be used to organise cigar lighters, cigar cutters, vape pens, e-liquids, coils, grinders NZ and other accessories to ensure everything is kept neat and accessible.

How do I choose the right rolling tray for me?
Consider your primary use (at home or on-the-go), the amount of space you need, and any additional features you may find useful. Think about the material you prefer and whether you want a design that reflects your personal style.

Can ashtrays be used outdoors?
Yes, many ashtrays are designed for outdoor use. Look for ashtrays with features such as heavier weight to resist wind, lids or covers to prevent ash from blowing away, and durable materials that can withstand weather conditions.

How often should I empty my ashtray?
It’s best to empty your ashtray regularly to prevent odours and maintain hygiene. How frequently you should do this depends on your usage, but emptying it once it’s half full is a good practice.

How do I choose the right ashtray?
Consider your primary use (at home or on-the-go), the amount of space you need, and any additional features you may find useful. Think about the material you prefer (stainless steel, silicone, or glass), design and the colour you like. a black ashtray would be a cool addition to your bold and chic interior.

How can I dispose of ash and cigarette butts responsibly?
After ensuring all materials are fully extinguished, dispose of ash and cigarette butts in your regular trash. For a more eco-friendly approach, consider removing any leftover tobacco for composting before throwing away the filter, which is not biodegradable.

How can I responsibly dispose of cigarette butts?
The best way to dispose of cigarette butts is to place them in a designated ashtray or a portable butt container. Once they are fully extinguished, you can dispose of them in a trash bin. Ensure that the container is fireproof to prevent any accidental fires.

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