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Mixology Dry Herb Loyalty Points FAQ

Brownie Points are our exciting new rewards program – every time you make a purchase at Mixology Dry Herb  you earn Brownie Points, which can be redeemed for cash discounts on your next order!
Brownie Points frequently asked questions:
Q – How do I earn Brownie Points?

A – Simply make a purchase at Mixology Dry Herb, and you’ll earn 10 Brownie Points for every $1 NZD spent (not including shipping.)

Q – How do I use my Brownie Points?
A – It’s super easy: make sure you’re logged into your Mixology Dry Herb account, add your gear to your shopping cart, click the “Apply Discount” button at checkout and write the amount of points you wish to use in the pop up on your screen. Redemption is easy with 500 Mix Points = $1 NZD.

Q – I can’t see my Brownie Points balance.
A – You’ll need to be logged in to use the Mix Points reward system. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register your free account by clicking this link.

Q – Can I use all of my Brownie Points at once?
A – Yes, but bear in mind that you can only redeem Brownie Points up to half the value of your order. For example, if you have $10 worth of Brownie Points and your order is over $20 you’ll be able to use all $10 worth in one shot, but if you have $100 worth of Brownie points and your order is only $50 then you can only redeem $25 worth of Brownie Points for that order.

Q – Do Brownie Points expire?
A – Yes, points are valid for 6 months after purchase.

Q – I used Brownie Points to save money on my order, but now I have to pay shipping.
A – The $99 free shipping tier only applies to the total value of the cart after all discounts have been applied. For example, if you added $99 worth of items to your cart and used a discount coupon or Brownie Points to reduce the price to $90, your total would be below the $99 threshold and shipping costs would apply. However, if you added $120 worth of items to your cart and used a coupon code or Brownie Points to reduce the price to $99, you would be above the threshold and shipping would be free.

Brownie Points Terms and Conditions:

Your Brownie Points are only valid at Mixology Dry Herb.

Your Mixology Dry Herb In-store loyalty points are a separate rewards program and are therefore not valid online and vice versa.

Please verify that you are 18 years, or older.

We do not sell to anyone under the age of 18