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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Mixology Dry Herb

  1. General Conditions / Applicability

1.1. These general conditions are applicable on all deliveries of items purchased from Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb. and on all agreements concluded with Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb reserves the right to change or to extend the conditions from time to time.

1.2. By using the internet site of Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb, ( and /or by ordering goods the purchaser accepts these General Conditions and also accepts all rights and obligations as mentioned on the internet site.

1.3. In case of the purchaser referring to his General Conditions, those conditions are not applicable if there does not exist a previous written consent by Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb Vape.

1.4. The definition “Purchaser” extends to every visitor of the internet site that is to say every private person or corporate body that has or will have a contractual relation of any kind with Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb.

  1. Agreements

2.1 The Purchaser confirms they are 18 years of age or older at the time of the purchase.

2.2. An agreement is concluded at the moment of payment by the Purchaser.

2.3. The Purchaser and Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb agree that by using electronic ways of communication a valid agreement is concluded as soon as the condition of article 2.2. has been fulfilled. The absence of an original signature does not alter the fact of a binding nature of the offer and the acceptance of it. The electronic files of Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb are valid as a presumption of proof, so far as permitted by law.

  1. Prices

3.1. All prices on the site are subject to change without notice.

3.2. The purchaser is responsible for any import duties, taxes, and tariffs.

3.3. The shipping cost is not included in the price, unless specifically mentioned.

3.4 Pricing at checkout will be billed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) at all times, and may become subject to credit card fees by the issuing bank of the purchaser.

  1. Payment

4.1. Orders via this internet site are made with MyUser payment gateway via Credit Card payment.

4.2. We do not keep your credit card details.

  1. Deliveries and terms of delivery

5.1. Orders are delivered as soon as possible. The terms of delivery mentioned in the internet site are only an indication and do not count as final. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb can put additional information concerning these terms of delivery on the internet site or make this information known in another written way. This information is only meant as an indication.

5.2. If a product is ordered by the purchaser is momentarily out of stock, information will be given about the availability. The purchaser will be informed of the delay by e-mail or by telephone.

5.3. Deliveries will be made to the address indicated by the purchaser at the conclusion of the agreement.

5.4. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb will take care of the delivery by mail or by any other means to be chosen by Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb, for the account of the purchaser. Delivery by mail or in any other way will take place after the receipt of the payment for the products by Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb. The ownership is handed over at the delivery itself.

5.5 Delivery will be made at risk of the client. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb cannot be held responsible for local restrictions because of legislation.

5.6 Delivery will be made as soon as the entire payment has been received.

5.7 We cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to the goods during shipping. We will not be held responsible for detained packages.

  1. Guarantee and responsibility

6.1. For delivered products by Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb, only the guarantee as established by the manufacturer of the products, is applicable.

6.2. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb cannot be held responsible for damage caused on purpose or caused because of serious fault, or that comes into existence because of circumstances that by law are automatically at the risk of Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb is never responsible for consecutive damage, trade damage, indirect damage or loss of benefit or turnover.

6.3. If Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb is obliged to pay a damage fee, this damage fee will never be higher than the amount of the invoice relating to the product or the service which caused the damage.

6.4. Circumstances which, in any case, cannot be attributed to Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb are the following: strikes, lock-outs, illness, import-, export- or prohibition transit, transport problems, non respecting of obligations by sub contractors, production breakdown, atmospheric disasters, nuclear catastrophe, war or the threat of war, or fault of Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb except by malicious intent or serious fault.

6.5. The legal responsibility of Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb as established by law is unimpeded by the contents of these articles.

6.6. Without prejudice, there can be no question of a guarantee in the following cases : * the product has been altered; * the original invoice cannot be presented , has been altered or has been made illegible; * the defects are the consequence of a use that is not appropriate or that is injudicious; * damage that has been caused by malicious intent, serious fault or by negligence.

  1. Personal details

7.1. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb will only make use of the details of the purchaser according to its policy of privacy.

7.2. Mixology Ltd T/As Mixology Dry Herb always applies the relevant rules and legislation of privacy.

  1. Warranty & Return

If you have a faulty item which you have purchased from us, email us or phone us so we can help you out with a replacement.

Most of our hardware device products come with a 90 day warranty. Purchasers should be aware that our atomisers and rechargeable batteries, consumable pods are functional devices that may fail or degrade over a period of time, especially if in constant use and are not covered under any warranty. Warranty is for faulty goods only and not for damage caused by misuse.

Please be aware that our items are personal use items and therefore once used or opened they cannot be refunded or returned. Herbs & other liquid products are non-returnable due to OH&S reasons.

For all warranty replacement enquiries within this 90 day period, just email or call us to arrange return of the product at buyers expense.

Upon inspection of the faulty product we will post a replacement back to your address or refund the faulty product as required.

  1. Cancellations & Refunds

Please be advised that we ship the next business day on all orders at worst and order cancellations need to be initiated prior to shipping.  Once an order has been shipped we are unfortunately unable to cancel your order for you.  For any order cancellation requests please email immediately to with your order number so that we can enact this prior to shipping.

All refunds will be processed next business day, however please allow 3-5 days for funds to clear back into your account.

Please verify that you are 18 years, or older.

We do not sell to anyone under the age of 18