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How Does a Herb Vaporizer Work?

Do you use a herb vaporizer? Do you wonder how it works? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how it works.

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Over the past few years, many people have come to consider vaporizers to be the ultimate dry herb smoking experience.

But did you know the vaping industry is expected to grow to $29 billion and experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent through the year 2022?

If you haven’t kept up with the new technology, you may be wondering why so many people prefer using an herb vaporizer to smoking. The simple answer is people are looking for a healthier way to consume dry herb.

Unlike the traditional ways of consumption, vaporizers don’t combust dry herb in order to heat it. Vaporizing dry herb is healthier, tastes better, and saves you money.

Thinking of switching to vaping? Then you’ll need to know how an herb vaporizer works.

What Is an Herb Vaporizer?

Put in the simplest terms, an herb vaporizer is a mechanical device that is used to heat dry herb and dry herb concentrate.

There are many different types of herb vaporizers on the market these days. These include desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens.

According to an online survey, the most popular type of vaping device is the vaping pen. The vaping pen is followed by the tabletop vaporizer and the portable vaporizer

How Do Herb Vaporizers Work?

Herb vaporizers use conduction and convection heat to vaporize dry herb plants. First, the vaporizer activates the heat source. When the heat source reaches the right temperature, it vaporizes the beneficial parts of the herb.

Once the herb turns into vapor, you can inhale it. Some vaporizers involve a fan, while others depend on inhalation alone. There are many different types of vaporizers, but most contain the same basic components.

Components of Herb Vaporizers

Herb vaporizers contain four main components. These are an energy source, a chamber, a heating element, and a delivery system. Let’s break them down.

Your vaporizer gets power from its energy source. Desktop vaporizers plug into an outlet to charge. Portable vaporizers usually rely on a rechargeable battery.

The vaporizer chamber is basically an oven. It is the spot where you place the dry herb on top of the heat source. Many vaporizers use a heating coil or plate.

The heating element is easily the most integral facet of the vaporizer. The heating element controls both the speed and the distribution of the heat. In a vape pen, this is called an atomizer.

Getting the vapor from the chamber to your lungs is the work of the delivery system. When using a portable vaporizer you inhale directly from the device. Desktop vaporizers often use balloons and tubing.

Types of Herb Vaporizers

Each type of vaporizer uses either conduction or convection to heat the herb. Dry herb combusts at 392 degrees Fahrenheit and vaporizes at 285 degrees. Conduction and convection are two very different types of heat.

In addition to different types of heat sources, there are also portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers (which are not as portable). Some vaporizers use flower or dry herb, while others use herb concentrate.

Here are the kinds of things you can expect from each type of herb vaporizer.

Conduction Vaporizer

A conduction vaporizer requires direct contact between the dry herb and the heating surface. In most conduction vaporizers this surface is a metal hot plate.

You place the herb on top of the plate, the heat rises through the chamber, and the heated plate begins to vaporize the herb.

Conduction is not the ideal type of heating mechanism for an herb vaporizer. Conduction tends to result in uneven distribution of heat that burns the herb. It is also difficult to regulate a conduction vaporizer’s temperature.

Convection Vaporizer

A convection vaporizer does not require direct contact between the dry herb and the heating mechanism. The heat from convection moves through the air around the herb.

When the air reaches the temperature of vaporization, you inhale it. Convection is great because it doesn’t burn the herb.

It’s also a more effective method than conduction heating. The heat from convection touches each part of the dry herb evenly. Conduction does not.

Desktop Herb Vaporizer vs Portable Herb Vaporizer

Many people prefer the experience of the much larger desktop herb vaporizer to that of a small portable vaporizer. In general, people find desktop vaporizers to be more reliable.

If you’re more interested in a device that is easy to carry, discrete, and easy to use, you might prefer a handheld vaporizer. Some portable vaporizers use flower and some come with pre-filled cartridges.

The best portable vaporizer is unique to each person. It depends how you want to use the vaporizer and whether you plan to load it with flower or concentrate.

Flower Herb Vaporizer vs Concentrate Herb Vaporizer

If you want to smoke flower primarily, your best herb vaporizer is the desktop version. There are not as many options for flower vaporizers when you get into the handheld and portable varieties.

Beware of cheap herb vaporizers as they tend to break and malfunction quickly. They have also been known to burn herb more easily.

If you prefer to smoke concentrate, a portable vaporizer or vape pen with cartridges might be the ideal option for you. However, you can find both portable and desktop vaporizers that work with concentrate.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Herb Vaporizer?

When you use a flame to burn dry herb, you’re creating a process called combustion. When dry herb gets heated by combustion, it burns much hotter than when it gets vaporized.

A vaporizer uses only the necessary amount of heat to vaporize the herb, so it doesn’t burn it. That means you get a more accurate sense of the taste and aroma of the herb.

There are also risks involved when using a direct flame to heat dry herb. When you smoke out of a device like a pipe or a joint, not all of the plant material released during combustion is good for your body.

When you use a vaporizer you can achieve a more healthy inhalation experience.

What Are the Best Herb Vaporizers?

When deciding what type of herb vaporizer is best for you, there are a few things you need to consider.

Are you looking for something low maintenance or a reusable device you can clean? Do you want something small you can take with you or a larger and more reliable device? Which do you prefer to smoke: flower or concentrate?

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