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A Beginner’s Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Are you looking to buy a dry herb vaporizer but don’t know what to look for or what to expect? Here is everything you need to know.

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You may have noticed that vaping dry herb is on the rise, and for a good reason. Vaping dry herb has a multitude of benefits, and it provides you with an alternative to smoking or using other forms, such as edibles. 

If you’re a long-time dry herb user and have been looking to switch up your routine, trying a vape may be just what you’re looking for. 

Alternatively, if you’re a new user and aren’t sure where to start, vaping is a great place to begin because you can completely tailor it to whatever experience you want to have. 

However, understanding how a vape works and choosing one among the many different kinds can be overwhelming. 

Here, we will explain all you need to know to begin your dry herb vaporizer journey. Let’s get started. 

What Is a Dry Herb Vaporizer? 

What is a dry herb vaporizer, and how does it differ from over vapes?

A dry herb vaporizer is a vape that heats up dry flowers and creates a gas, which is vapour. This vapour contains the material from the plant. 

The terpenes, which are the aromas and flavours of the dry herb, are extracted during this process, making the user experience the effects when they inhale the vapour. 

The main difference between dry herb vapes versus other types is its use of the dry herb. Other vaporizers use oils and concentrates in cartridges, which produce different effects than dry herb. 

How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Work? 

The dry herb is placed in a chamber, which is then heated up to create the vapour. However, the method of doing so can be either convection or conduction. 

Vaporizers that use the convection method use liquid or gas to create heat. The hot air circulates around the dry herb whenever you inhale, which means the herb is not combusted, only heated. 

The conduction method works using direct contact to heat up the flower inside the chamber. This usually means using an open flame, which means the dry herb is combusted to produce the vapour. 

The convection method is typically preferred because it does not overheat the flower, which can burn off some of the terpenes and leave you with less flavour and aroma.

This is also why dry herb vaporizers are often preferred over smoking because you preserve all of the good elements and prevent tar and waste from being collected when you overheat it. 

The main parts of a dry herb vaporizer are:

  • The heating chamber
  • A battery
  • Charging plugs or cables
  • A filter 
  • A mouthpiece 

All of these elements are working together to create the vapour that you inhale. No matter what type of vaporizer you choose, you can guarantee to have all of these elements. 

Once you understand what they are and how they work, you’ll see that vaporizers aren’t as complicated as you may have thought. Though some more advanced vapes will have additional elements that you can personalize to your use, they all work pretty much the same way. 

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers 

The two main types of dry herb vaporizers are portable and desktop. 

You have most likely seen vape pens and vape mods, both of which are portable vapes. These are best for on the go, or for solo use, as they can only hold a small amount of flower.

They are very discreet and can fit pretty much anywhere, making them perfect for the daily user. They contain a battery, chamber, and mouthpiece, as well as a button to press, which will begin the convection or conduction process. 

They are very easy to use, so they’re perfect for a beginner, like yourself. 

On the other hand, desktop vaporizers are a bit more involved but also produce the best experience. As the name suggests, these are stationary vapes that are larger, so they’re not meant for portability. They also usually require a plug-in source. 

They contain a larger chamber that holds more dry herb, making desktop vapes great for shared use or longer sessions. Desktop vapes have a more advanced technology than portable vapes, allowing you to take bigger hits. 

It also allows you to heat the dry herb to a more precise temperature, which means preserving all of the terpenes and never overheating it. 

The desktop will either contain a bag that fills with the vapour, which you then disconnect and inhale, or a tube connected directly to the chamber, which you then inhale from. 

If you choose to start with a desktop vape, you’ll be able to use any other vape quite easily. You want to go with something high-quality, such as choosing a brand like Storz and Bickel. If you want the best user experience, don’t skimp when it comes to your vapes! 

Buy a Dry Herb Vaporizer Today

Are you convinced that a dry herb vaporizer is for you? Well, it’s time to give it a try!

If you’re worried about choosing a vape to start with, you can always go small first with a vape pen or vape mod. 

However, don’t be afraid to explore other features, as you may find that the best dry herb vaporizer for you is actually something bigger, like a desktop vape!

Check out our collection of high-quality dry herb vapes. We have something for everyone! 

And, if you’re still left with any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We are the experts and are here to answer any questions you have. 

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